I was born in Seattle Washington and grew up with a passion for the out-of-doors.  This led to a desire to try  out every activity possible.  I became an avid  fisherman, camper, skier, boater, river rafter and began recording those events with an Exacta camera given to me by a neighbor who I worked for in high school; mowing the lawn, washing the car and even baby sitting his three children. 

My love of photography continued throughout my life and when I retired from the corporate world I expanded my interest with two new Nikon film cameras, a N90s and an N70.  I shot with mostly Fuji Velvia film and set a goal to visit all of our Nation’s National Parks, Preserves and Reserves.  This has led to some wonderful road trips and some great photos. 

In 2007 I made the move to digital.  With my new Nikon 7100 I am able to use all of my old lenses.  The digital experience has been fantastic.  With the ability to change the speed of the “film” or ISO on the fly and adjust the white balance for the uniqueness of the ambient light presented, you can truly capture some stunning images. The 1.3 crop factor on the D 7100 turns my 400mm lens into a 780mm lens. Along with Nikon’ Capture NX2, Photoshop, Photomatic’s HDR and the full suite of Nik software I am still a student with lots to learn.  I also have the full frame Nikon D850.

I still go to photo seminars and workshops to keep the excitement alive. I am please to announce that the National Wildlife Federation magazine published one of my Lac La Jeune loon images to support their story about the clean up in the Gulf after the BP oil spill.  This was in their Feb/Mar 2012 issue.    Ron


Business career: Vice President Boeing Division, Regence Blue Shield - Seattle Washington.

Married with two children:

Kim and Todd (deceased 1981).

I retired to Whidbey Island with my wife Jeanie in 1998 and now live on Mutiny Bay. 

Whidbey Island is a paradise of its own, besides providing lots of wonderful views, it is blessed with an abundance of wildlife.  The variety of birds alone, makes for lots of wonderful photo opportunities.  The views to the Olympic Mountains, Cascade Range, Mount Baker and even Mt. Rainier are stunning.  From the top of the hill at Ebey’s Landing you can see them all at once on a clear day. 

The number of gardens on the Island provide a colorful parade of flowers.  Like John Shaw always promotes, take a look in your own back yard before venturing out to far for your photo experience.

I hope you enjoy my work enough to display it in your home or office.  Ordering is easy, just click on the Order page, select the Stock No. and email or call me with your request.    Thanks Ron

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